Old Cayucos Tavern & Card Room

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Want to find the Old Cayucos Tavern & Card Room? It’s easy. Just drive down North Ocean Avenue and look for four horses and three riders making a getaway. The mural on the side of the Old Cayucos Tavern & Card Room depicts three bandits escaping the law, plus one riderless horse. It’s an appropriate landmark for this longtime cowboy bar, where folks have played cards and swilled stiff drinks since 1906. Walk up to the wooden false-front building that says “SALOON” over the door, and head into the dark bar. You’ll see right away that this is an authentic place that hasn’t changed much since it opened over a century ago. Look up to notice the dollar bills stapled to the ceiling. This is an old bar tradition from the California Gold Rush days — you can find moneyed ceilings in saloons across the West. American flags, Valley Forge banners, fisherman statues and paintings of the west line the walls. (A couple other interesting paintings stand on either side of the big mirror inside. No need to search — you can’t miss them!) Pull up a stool at the beautiful vintage bar, which has supported the elbows (and drinks) of cowboys from near and far. The saloon offers all manner of drinks, from martinis and whiskey sours to shots and pints. Enjoy palling around with the locals, whether over a glass of wine, beer or cocktails at the bar, or over the pool table or shuffleboard table.Come on Friday and Saturday nights for $40 buy-in no limit holdem in the poker room, or for live music and dancing. On Tuesday nights, Old Cayucos Tavern & Card Room also hosts live trivia. You can even pick up a tee shirt depicting the bandits mural from the bar’s exterior, to remember your visit.


130 N. Ocean Avenue
Cayucos, CA 93430

(805) 995-3209


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