Where To Eat in Cayucos

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  • Ocean Front Pizza
    Come to Ocean Front Pizza for some of the best slices in San Luis Obispo County! 
  • Hidden Kitchen

    Hidden Kitchen

    The Hidden Kitchen is a 100% gluten free cafe featuring all-organic and locally sourced fare.
  • Schooners Restaurant
    Located in picturesque Cayucos, Calfifornia, Schooners has been offering guests an unforgettable dining experience for over twenty years.
  • Cayucos Candy Counter
    Stop in for a selection of new and classic candies including Jelly Belly, Whistle Pops, taffy, truffles and more. They also have ice cream and gelato that will leave you wanting more.
  • Honey Girl Cafe

    Honey Girl Cafe

    A small beachside Cafe in Cayucos named after their Kupunawahine, Honey Girl. Stop in to this tucked away hideout for breakfast or lunch, seven days a week. Local favorites include their fresh sandwiches, Mexican mocha, acai bowls and mango smoothies.
  • Brown Butter Cookie Company
    Featured in the New York Times, this sister-owned cookie company is nationally known for its signature sea salt cookie
  • Cafe Della Via

    Cafe Della Via

    Fabulous Italian cuisine paired with yummy Central Coast and rare find wines
  • Bijou Bakery

    Bijou Bakery

    Jeniece Grimshaw, owner and operator of Bijou Bakery, is a classically trained pastry chef with a Californian approach fused with French technique.
  • Beach Bums

    Beach Bums

    Life is great here in Cayucos and Beach Bums invites you to have fun, relax, and rejuvenate your soul.
  • Sea Shanty

    Sea Shanty

    We are pleased to provide you with the very best in service and quality, and of course our outstanding, freshly caught local seafood.
  • Martin’s Restaurant
    A unique restaurant in Cayucos, featuring Mexican and Italian food.  
  • Cayucos Coffee

    Cayucos Coffee

    Cayucos Coffee is passionate about good coffee and love supporting their community, which is why they’re stoked to serve local Jobella Coffee, a small batch, organic, local roasting company based out of Atascadero.
  • Morii Craft Coffee
    In our culture, coffee is a cornerstone of connection. we fell in love not just with the craft of coffee but the atmosphere it fosters and the deeper sacred space it holds and creates between us. coffee is a fleeting experience to be enjoyed in the fullest just like our…
  • Cayucos Sausage Company
    In addition to quality deli sandwiches and meats, they have a wide selection of rotisserie and barbecue cooked foods available for takeout.
  • Lunada Garden Bistro
    Lunada Garden Bistro is located in the historic Way Station, a property that dates back to the founding of Cayucos.
  • Luna Coffee Bar

    Luna Coffee Bar

    Not just a specialty coffee shop set back in a lush garden ambiance, Luna offers specialty cakes and desserts that will have you over the moon!
  • Duckie’s Chowder House
    Duckies is a great place to visit, relax, and enjoy the flavor of a California beach town Try Duckie's Clam Chowder!