Dog Friendly Activities Along Highway 1

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The Highway 1 Discovery Route welcomes everyone, not just two-legged travelers! California’s Central Coast provides a fun and safe playground for both dogs and their humans. Stay in dog-friendly lodging, dine in dog-friendly restaurants, and frolic on dog-friendly beaches, hikes and parks. Many wineries even welcome dogs, making for an easygoing good time for both you and Rover alike.

Note: The following guide offers dog-friendly ideas for where to visit in coastal San Luis Obispo County. Please observe on- and off-leash permissions, as designated by listing.

Explore Dog Friendly Activities

Dog-Friendly Hotels & Vacation Rentals

Destinations along the Highway 1 Discovery Route offer several comfortable options for lodging with your pup. The following guide leads to filtered lists on the Highway 1 Discovery Route website for pet-friendliness.

Cayucos Shopping Downtown

San Simeon

Explore Hearst Castle, take a hike, or wade in the waves in San Simeon. There are plenty of  options for pups.

Dog-Friendly Hotels in San Simeon

Dog-Friendly Vacation Rentals in San Simeon

Ragged Point

Enjoy the coastal scenery of Ragged Point, and relax in a pet-friendly hotel or rental property.

Dog-Friendly Hotels in Ragged Point

Dog-Friendly Vacation Rentals in Ragged Point


This sweet seaside hamlet appeals to more than just people. Take your dog along and experience its quaint charms together.

Dog-Friendly Hotels in Cambria

Dog-Friendly Vacation Rentals in Cambria


Looking for sand and surf for both you and your pup? Look no further than Cayucos, where many lodging properties welcome pets.

Dog-Friendly Hotels in Cayucos

Dog-Friendly Vacation Rentals in Cayucos

Los Osos-Baywood Park

The rugged, majestic stretch of coastline in Los Osos-Baywood Park provides space for dogs and people alike to play. Dog-friendly accommodations make for a sweet, easy visit.

Dog-Friendly Hotels in Los Osos-Baywood Park

Dog-Friendly Vacation Rentals in Los Osos-Baywood Park

Edna Valley & Arroyo Grande

Wine and sunshine are the name of the game in picturesque Edna Valley and Arroyo Grande. And with your furry friend in tow, the visit will be double the fun.

Dog-Friendly Hotels in Edna Valley & Arroyo Grande

Dog-Friendly Vacation Rentals in Edna Valley & Arroyo Grande

Avila Beach

Classic California vibes make Avila Beach a fun place for you and your four-legged friend to explore.

Dog-Friendly Hotels in Avila Beach

Dog-Friendly Vacation Rentals in Avila Beach

Oceano & Nipomo

Have fun in the sun with your pup in Oceano and Nipomo. Then cozy up in a pet-friendly hotel or rental.

Dog-Friendly Hotels in Oceano & Nipomo

Dog-Friendly Vacation Rentals in Oceano & Nipomo

Dog-Friendly Restaurants & Wineries

Take your furry friend out for a bite to eat, or to a number of pup-welcoming wineries. The Highway 1 Discovery Route’s temperate climate makes for many dog-friendly patios and cellar doors. Just be sure to pick up after your pet and keep all dogs on-leash and well-behaved.

Dog Stolo Vineyards

Ragged Point

Take Rover to the patio at the Ragged Point Inn for delicious fare and a spectacular ocean view.

Dog-Friendly Restaurants in Ragged Point

San Simeon

Nothing beats a stacked-high sandwich on the patio at Sebastian’s Cafe in the Old San Simeon General Store. Just next door to Sebastian’s, Hearst Ranch Winery allows visitors to purchase wine by the glass or bottle to enjoy on the patio with their pup.

Dog-Friendly Restaurants in San Simeon

Dog-Friendly Wineries in San Simeon


Bring your pup to La Terraza for tasty Mexican flavors, Wild Ginger for Thai cuisine, or Redwood Cafe for American classics. Enjoy sipping with Fido by your side at Harmony Cellars.

Dog-Friendly Restaurants in Cambria

Dog-Friendly Wineries in Cambria


Visit the Sea Shanty for a killer breakfast (or lunch, or dinner), or Lunada Garden Bistro for great farm-to-table fare, including brunch

Dog-Friendly Restaurants in Cayucos

Los Osos-Baywood Park

Head to the patio at Blue Heron for farm-to-table dining, or the Back Bay Cafe for breakfast and lunch with a pierside view. The Clubhouse Grill at Sea Pines Golf Resort restaurant also welcomes pets to the patio.

Avila Beach

Dine beside your four-legged friend at pet-friendly restaurants like Mersea’s in Avila Beach.

Dog-Friendly Restaurants in Avila Beach

Oceano & Nipomo

Everyone’s invited to dine in Oceano and Nipomo! Bring your pup to restaurants like Sylvester’s Burgers for classic beachy fare in a relaxed atmosphere.

Dog-Friendly Restaurants in Oceano & Nipomo

Edna Valley & Arroyo Grande

A number of eateries welcome dogs in and around Edna Valley. Try Rooster Creek Tavern for wine country fare or Klondike’s Pizza for Alaskan-style pizza. (It’s a thing!) Or, if you’re in the mood for a cup of joe, head over to Coffee Express. The famous wineries of Edna Valley and Arroyo Grande are a great place to hang with your furry friend. Wolff Vineyards and Chamisal Vineyards focus on Edna Valley’s landmark varieties, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. Or try Saucelito Canyon Vineyard for some of the best Zinfandel in California.

Dog-Friendly Restaurants in Edna Valley & Arroyo Grande

Dog-Friendly Wineries in Edna Valley & Arroyo Grande

Other Dog-Friendly Locations Along Highway 1

Many other eateries welcome pups and their humans across the Highway 1 Discovery Route. Try Novo for global cuisine and a leafy patio, or Marisol at The Cliffs for seafood and an ocean view. Or, if wine country fare is your speed, head to Paso Robles for Thomas Hill Organics. Check our list of other pet-friendly restaurants in Morro Bay, San Luis Obispo, Shell Beach, Pismo Beach and Paso Robles.

SLO CAL wineries are for the dogs! It’s easy to find other wineries that offer a warm welcome to your four-legged friend. Visit East Paso to experience the caves at Eberle Winery, or West Paso for Rhône-style wines at Tablas Creek Vineyards. Better yet, take Sparky on a winery bus tour with the Wine Wrangler or Wine Line.

Dog-Friendly Restaurants in San Luis Obispo County

Dog-Friendly Wineries in San Luis Obispo County

Dog-Friendly Beaches

Dogs love the beach, and the Highway 1 Discovery Route has plenty of space to run (and sniff). What makes a beach dog-friendly? It mostly has to do with your pup’s leash. Some beaches allow dogs on a leash, some are leash-optional, and others prohibit dogs altogether. The beaches listed below all welcome dogs, but check each listing for specifics on leashes. And no matter where you go, remember good etiquette: always pick up after your pet.

Cayucos Dog Beach

Check out these dog-friendly beaches along the Highway 1 Discovery Route:

Ragged Point & San Simeon

A day here with your pup might include romping off-leash in the beautiful San Simeon Cove.

Dog-Friendly Beaches in Ragged Point & San Simeon


Cambria’s Moonstone Beach doesn’t allow dogs, but pups can walk the scenic Moonstone Beach Boardwalk on leash.

Dog-Friendly Beaches in Cambria


Cayucos State Beach invites on-leash dogs to enjoy its sun and sand from the Pier south to Chaney Avenue.

Dog-Friendly Beaches in Cayucos

Los Osos

Sunbathe or go tide-pooling with your on-leash pooch at Spooner’s Cove in Montaña de Oro State Park.

Dog-Friendly Beaches in Los Osos

Avila Beach

Nothing beats watching the off-leash dogs at Olde Port Beach, where they can play and sniff to their heart’s content.

Dog-Friendly Beaches in Avila Beach

Oceano & Nipomo

Take Fido on a freewheeling adventure! The Oceano Dunes State Vehicle Recreation Area welcomes vehicles to drive on the beach, as well as on-leash pups.

Dog-Friendly Beaches in Oceano/Nipomo

Other Dog-Friendly Beaches Along Highway 1

Want your pup to be free to roam? Check out the Morro Strand State Beach between Morro Bay and Cayucos for a dog-gone good time, off-leash.

Other Dog-Friendly Beaches

Dog-Friendly Parks & Dog Parks

Get the wiggles out at a friendly dog park! The following sites welcome well-behaved pups along the Highway 1 Discovery Route.

Moonstone Beach Cambria Family with Dog

Dog Parks

The Highway 1 Discovery Route runs past the Cambria Dog Park, which is fenced fully, shaded, and allows pups to play off-leash. The Norma Rose Park otherwise known as the Cayucos Dog Park is another must stop for Fido on your trip. This 1.5 acre fenced park offers public restrooms, covered picnic tables, a security gate, a play area and a Mutt Mitt dispenser. To the east, Atascadero’s off-leash Heilmann Dog Park offers water, shade, picnic tables ― even a doggie spa.

Dog-Friendly Parks

Dozens of SLO CAL parks welcome dogs on leash. 3rd Street Park in Cayucos offers history (the former town jail still stands there) while Arroyo Grande’s Biddle Park offers space and seclusion. Each dog-friendly park in San Luis Obispo County has its own look and feel. Check the list for one that’s perfect for you and your pup.

Dog-Friendly State Parks

From the Cayucos Pier south to Chaney Avenue, Cayucos State Beach invites on-leash dogs and their humans. On-leash pooches can also enjoy the beach at Spooner’s Cove in Montaña de Oro State Park. Other on-leash state parks include the Oceano Dunes State Vehicular Recreation Area.

Dog-Friendly Hikes & Trails

Ready to hit the open trail with your four-legged buddy? Try these suggestions for a heart-pumping fresh air outing together.

Dog San Simeon Point Trail hike

Ragged Point

A quick and challenging walk along the Cliffside Trail get the blood flowing for both people and their on-leash dogs.

Dog-Friendly Hikes in Ragged Point

Hike the 2-mile Junge Ranch Trail with Lassie on-leash and wind up on a beautiful secluded beach. Others include the Pacific Valley Bluff Trail and San Carpoforo Creek.

Dog-Friendly Hikes in San Simeon


For an accessible walk with a coastline view, try the Moonstone Beach Trail with your on-leash pooch. Or take an on-leash stroll through the forest on the Fern Canyon Henry Kluck Memorial Trail. The Fiscalini Ranch Preserve offers 440 acres of seaside trails to explore, on leash, while Lampton Cliffs Park provides benches with a view. Other outdoor walks in Cambria include Leffingwell Landing, Strawberry Canyon Trail, and Washburn Campground Trail, all of which require leashes for dogs.

Dog-Friendly Hikes in Cambria


Just north of Cayucos, the Estero Bluffs State Park Trail features rugged bluffs and the remnants of a seaside dairy farm. Bring your pup on leash here, or to the Whale Rock Reservoir for a hike.

Dog-Friendly Hikes in Cayucos

Los Osos

For a panoramic view of Montaña de Oro and Morro Bay, hike the Black Hill Trail with your dog, on leash. The coastal bluffs of the Bluff Trail also make for a scenic walk with your on-leash pet. Other terrific on-leash hikes for Fido include the El Morro Elfin Forest boardwalk, Hazard Canyon Reef, and the Quarry Trail.

Dog-Friendly Hikes in Los Osos

Avila Beach

Take the whole family (including Sparky, on leash) on the Bob Jones Trail, which leads to the heart of Avila Beach. For a more private hike, bring your on-leash pup to Mallagh Landing, or up Ontario Ridge for a challenge.

Dog-Friendly Hikes in Avila Beach

Oceano & Nipomo

Take Lassie out, on leash, to see the butterflies at the Monarch Butterfly Grove along Highway 1. Or cruise together (again, on leash) at the Oceano Dunes State Vehicular Recreation Area.

Dog-Friendly Hikes in Oceano/Nipomo

Edna Valley & Arroyo Grande

Take the easy 2-mile, out-and-back Black Lake Trail with your on-leash dog, or the more challenging 3-mile Cougar Trail. Other challenging trails include the Trout Creek Trail and High Ridge Trail, both ideal for on-leash dogs.

Dog-Friendly Hikes in Edna Valley & Arroyo Grande



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