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Coastal Discovery Trail

Coastal Discovery Trail

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Introducing the new Coastal Discovery Trail, a special collection of activities that connect travelers with nature, history, local experts, and each other. Use the handy key to identify our best Highway 1 experiences for social distancing, solo and/or family time, and dog-friendly experiences.

You already know there’s more to great travel than just sightseeing – so let’s get you connected! When you use the Coastal Discovery Trail map, you’ll quickly access unique and deeply meaningful locations, experiences, and online resources. Learn, be inspired, and help preserve and protect these places you visit and fall in love with: that’s Stewardship Travel for Good.

Immerse yourself in over 100 miles of history, beaches, bluffs, preserves, parks, and activities along the Coastal Discovery Trail. Whether you’re indulging in relaxing, “leave-no-trace” beach time or leaving a donation at a historical site, it all helps restore and protect our region. Enjoy connecting with the good in the places you visit, the good in the local people you meet, and the good in yourself. Thank you for being a caring Stewardship Traveler on the Central Coast!

Best Beaches, Trails, Activities, and Historic Sites on the Coast

Use the resources, the map, and the links to find yourself on the best beaches, and immerse yourself in the best activities, walks, bike trips, paddling experiences, historic sites, whale and wildlife viewing locations, riding trails, and more. 

Every activity and organization listed does something to help preserve and protect the Central Coast.

Best Wildlife Viewing and Inspiring Views
Best Beaches for Solo, Family, & Dog Days
Best Ocean Walks, Hikes, & Wildlife Viewing Trails
Best Sites, Discovery Centers & Activities for Stewardship Travelers
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