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  • Nautical Bean

    Nautical Bean

    Los Osos
    We are a family owned shop, with a simple goal, we try our hardest to give our customers the best coffee, food, and service that we possibly can. We aren’t coffee snobs, we aren’t a corporate chain, just a simple place you can come and relax. We invite you to…
  • Avila Market: Restaurant & Mercantile
    The Avila Market is one of Avila Beaches only fast casual restaurants offering one the most diverse menus on the coast.
  • Ascendo Coffee

    Ascendo Coffee

    Los Osos
    If you're a morning person who loves nothing more than finding a great local coffee shop to frequent, then a visit to Ascendo Coffee is a must.
  • Wayward Baking

    Wayward Baking

    Los Osos
    With a focus on flaky pastries and rustic breads, this little shop is open on Sunday mornings for takeaway orders.
  • Noi 2nd Street Cafe
    Noi and Doi are the dynamic sister duo behind one of the most popular eateries in Los Osos.
  • Hidden Kitchen

    Hidden Kitchen

    The Hidden Kitchen is a 100% gluten free cafe featuring all-organic and locally sourced fare.
  • Bijou Bakery

    Bijou Bakery

    Jeniece Grimshaw, owner and operator of Bijou Bakery, is a classically trained pastry chef with a Californian approach fused with French technique.
  • Honey Girl Cafe

    Honey Girl Cafe

    A small beachside Cafe in Cayucos named after their Kupunawahine, Honey Girl. Stop in to this tucked away hideout for breakfast or lunch, seven days a week. Local favorites include their fresh sandwiches, Mexican mocha, acai bowls and mango smoothies.
  • Luna Coffee Bar

    Luna Coffee Bar

    Not just a specialty coffee shop set back in a lush garden ambiance, Luna offers specialty cakes and desserts that will have you over the moon!
  • Cayucos Coffee

    Cayucos Coffee

    Cayucos Coffee is passionate about good coffee and love supporting their community, which is why they’re stoked to serve local Jobella Coffee, a small batch, organic, local roasting company based out of Atascadero.
  • Hidden Kitchen

    Hidden Kitchen

    The Hidden Kitchen is a 100% gluten free cafe featuring all-organic and locally sourced fare. We specialize in bioregional blue corn waffles and seasonal smoothies to satisfy a broad range of taste preferences.
  • The Spot

    The Spot

    Crepes Paninis & Fresh squeezed Juices
  • San Simeon Beach Bar & Grill
    We offer ocean views from every table.
  • Kraken Coffee Company

    Kraken Coffee Company

    Avila Beach
    Enjoy craft coffee and tasty treats while lounging beachfront in beautiful Avila Beach.
  • Butterfly Grille
    A Nipomo restaurant serving quality food on the Central Coast
  • Mojo’s Village Bean
    We hand make fresh baked goods every morning and open at 7am. Stop in at lunchtime for a fresh deli sandwich or our soup of the day. 
  • Subway


    Los Osos
    All your sandwich favorites plus salads and more are at Subway in Los Osos. 
  • Starbucks


    Los Osos
    Stop in for your favorite morning treat at Starbucks in Los Osos