Albatross: Life on the Wind and Sea Exhibit

Albatrosses, with their nine-foot wingspans and nomadic lifestyles, have long captured the imagination of indigenous maritime cultures, sailors, scientists, and artists alike. From the original pacific islanders who consider the bird to be sacred and the ancient mariners who revered them as symbols of good luck, to modern-day conservationists working tirelessly to protect their dwindling populations, the story of the albatross is one of wonder and intrigue.

Albatross: Life on the Wind and Sea features the work and research of Caren Loebel- Fried, an author and artist from Half Moon Bay, California and Volcano, Hawai`i. Her newest book, A Perfect Day for an Albatross, features visually rich narratives and an exploration into the beautiful life of an albatross through their perspective. Loebel-Fried has created multiple storybooks, which use the ancient art of block printing, taught to her by her mother. Caren’s books have been recipients of the American Folklore Society’s Aesop Prize for Children’s Folklore and the Hawai’i Book Publishers Association’s Ka Palapala Po’okela Awards.

The exhibition will be available to view at the Morro Bay Museum of Natural History during open hours from 10am-5pm, 7 days a week until April 18, 2024.