Sea Otter Awareness Week


Sunday: September 18th marks day one of #SeaOtterAwarenessWeek and the first event in our #WeWereHere sea otter series! Make sure you tune in to hear from Elakha Alliance’s Board President, Bob Bailey, as he presents “The Road to Recovery in Oregon” at 12:00 PDT. Learn about Elakha Alliance, the results from the Elakha scientific feasibility study, and their next steps to returning sea otters to Oregon.

Monday: In honor of #SeaOtterAwarenessWeek, The Marine Mammal Center teamed up with Sea Otter Savvy’s #WeWereHere programming to bring you this special edition of Marine Mammal Monday on September 19th at 4:00PM PDT! Join us as we explore the intricacies of otter rehabilitation and ask our colleagues at Monterey Bay Aquarium all about their specialized surrogacy program and how this is important for species recovery. Join the fun by visiting TMMC’s livestream from Facebook and register below:

Tuesday: Don’t miss the chance to learn how Dr. Rebecca Lewison and colleagues Characterized the impact of recovering sea otters on commercially important crabs in California estuaries. Tune in Tuesday September 20th at 4:00PM PDT. You can register for Point Reyes National Seashore Association’s @pointreyes_prnsa) virtual presentation here:

Wednesday: Mark your calendar for our Float Down the Coast with Sea Otters on Wednesday, September 21st at 12:00PM PDT! You will have the unique opportunity to virtually visit locations along the Pacific coast and witness areas with and without wild sea otters. As our sea otter biologists and interpreters inform on sea otter behavior, habitat, and significance, we will virtually travel from Alaska southward! Join live via Facebook on @seaottersavvy, or through Sea Otter Savvy’s YouTube Channel:

Thursday: Sea Otter Savvy heads to the ballgame! Grab your tickets and root for Oakland on September 22nd and follow @OklandAs on twitter to learn more about @seaottersavvy‘s We Were Here sea otter program and how you can help by participating in a survey about sea otter reintroduction!

Friday: Enjoy your Friday lunch with Dr. Edward Gregr and @defendersofwildlife September 23rd
at 12:00PM PDT to discuss: How can we value the costs and benefits of sea otter recovery? Register now @defendersofwildlife or watch on the Defenders YouTube Channel Live: AND/OR Kick up your heels after work and get an insider’s view of a “day in the life” of a California sea otter biologist. Join Sea Otter Savvy Director Gena Bentall and Colleen Young–a sea otter biologist with 12 years of experience counting, tracking, diving, and doing necropsies on sea otters–as they talk about all things sea otter at the Moss Landing Harbor. This event will be featured on Instagram Live. Follow @seaottersavvy and join the live broadcast on Instagram Sept 23rd at 5:30PM PDT:

Saturday: In celebration of #SeaOtterAwarenessWeek, tune into the Marine Conservation Institute’s (@savingoceans) webinar on Saturday September 24th  at 12:00PM PT to discover how a recovering sea otter population increases eelgrass genetic diversity and makes eelgrass more resilient to environmental change.  Learn the extraordinary history of these marine mammals, and explore whether their return could help reset the lost ecological balance. Register for the free webinar:

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  • 2022: September 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24

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