AcuGlo Acupuncture

Located among the natural splendor of Los Osos-Baywood Park, AcuGlo Wellness Center offers guests a wide array of health and wellness-related services. AcuGlo’s founder and owner, Lisa Cavaliere, is an expert in many different methods for promoting healing, longevity, beauty, strength and optimal health. While her services run the gamut, from massage and reflexology to light therapy and facials, she specializes in ancient medicine and wisdom traditions.

AcuGlo’s bodywork menu includes the time-honored practice of acupuncture. For each 90-minute session, Lisa includes 60 minutes of acupuncture and 30 minutes of additional therapies. These might include aromatherapy, herbal Thai poultices, facial reflexology and/or a hot towel compress. Other options include gua sha, a gentle skin-scraping therapy that promotes circulation, and cupping, a practice of suctioning the skin to reduce inflammation. Lisa may also use liniments and/or moxibustion, a practice of burning mugwort on or near the skin for Qi flow. She bases all treatment on a thorough consultation to determine each clients’ needs, and follows up with recommendations for herbal and nutritional supplements. The same is true for Lisa’s approach to skincare, which is another of her specialties. AcuGlo’s skincare menu features acupuncture facial rejuvenation, a practice that applies ancient wisdom for common cosmetic issues. Each acupuncture facial rejuvenation session stimulates collagen production, fades age spots, and softens lines and wrinkles.

As for facials, Lisa performs a number of treatments that target particular problem areas. AcuGlo takes a holistic approach to beauty, aging and wellness, providing breathwork, movement therapy, herbal medicine, lymphatic drainage, nutrition therapy, and more. For skincare treatments, Lisa uses Laurel Whole Plant Organic Facial products, which retain the raw, unrefined oils of whole plants, flowers, and herbs. Made with 100 percent organic ingredients, Laurel Whole Plant Organic Facial formulations are pure and safe for all skin types. Make an appointment, meet with Lisa, and enjoy beauty treatments that take your whole body, life experience, needs, and lifestyle into account.