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Audubon Sweet Springs Nature Preserve

The Audubon Sweet Springs Nature Preserve is located on Ramona Avenue in the town of Los Osos. It offers hiking trails and excellent views of Morro Bay and the Rock.

The Morro Coast Audubon Society chapter manages this preserve on the north side of Ramona Avenue, between Broderson and 4th Street (dawn to dusk use). Trails lead among Monterey Cypress and eucalyptus to two freshwater ponds, and around a salt marsh to the edge of Morro Bay. Birds are attracted to the variety of habitats in the preserve, and many shorebirds and ducks spend their winter in the adjoining bay. From late October into March, monarch butterflies traditionally cluster here.

The 24-acre preserve is the home of several threatened and endangered species, and no plants or animals may be collected. The reintroduction of native species is a continuing goal of the Morro Coast Audubon Society. As a Stewardship Traveler to the region, your commitment to learning more about the native habitat is important.