Beerwood has been known by a few names in its history, including the Baywood Tavern and the Baywood AleHouse. Today, Beerwood continues to pursue their same mission of pouring local beers and serving easygoing food in a family-friendly atmosphere. The new owners worked here before buying the business, and saw potential for elevating the cuisine and introducing more local beers. The result is a fresh concept that welcomes a loyal following of beer-loving visitors and locals alike. Come enjoy Beerwood’s curated selection of craft beers on 12 taps that rotate constantly. When you arrive, you might find local favorites like Liquid Gravity, M. Special Brewing or Wild Fields Brewing on draft. Pick up a pint of one of these or choose from a list of beers in cans and bottles, including gluten-free beer. Other fermented goodies include several local wines, kombucha, cider and sour ales.

As for the food, Beerwood serves an excellent assortment of classic pub dishes with a sophisticated twist. Enjoy a sausage medley from Cayucos Sausage Company with whole-grain mustard for dipping, or sauteed brussels sprout bites with sauces and fixings. A long list of sandwiches includes the “Primo Sandwich,” described as a BLT that’s “all grown up.” Sliders, fresh salads, pasta, and more pair with Beerwood beers and keep visitors satisfied. Plus, the beautiful surroundings of Los Osos’s Baywood district are ideal for a relaxed time on Beerwood’s wrap-around deck and patio. The gastropub has a come-one-come-all vibe that invites everyone to sit down, relax, and have a beer together. Dogs are welcome, and the owners provide water bowls for thirsty pups on the patio. Kids are welcome, too, and can use Beerwood’s chalk to draw while the grownups hang out. Monday afternoons are the perfect time to visit, after the Baywood Farmers Market wraps up just a few feet from Beerwood’s entrance.