Bitter Creek Western Railroad

The Bitter Creek Western Railroad (BCWRR) is a 7.5-inch gauge railroad located on the Nipomo Mesa, just outside of Arroyo Grande. The railroad includes 1.2 miles of mainline with many sidings and two rail yards. The facilities include 14 steaming bays, hydraulic lift and turntable, a 14×80 foot car barn, 3 bridges, 3 trestles, and 4 tunnels. Most mainline switches are motorized with spring points. There are six water sources amongst the trees, shrubs and flowers.

All on 7-plus acres, the BCWRR is owned by Karl Hovanitz. It's not a club or other formal organization, instead it is operated for the benefit of all train lovers. If you want to play, come out on a scheduled event day and get to know us. If you're coming through at an off-time, please call ahead.