Gardens at Cambria Pines Lodge

Cambria Pines Lodge offers extensive grounds and gardens. The Herb Garden, Succulent Garden, Flower Bed, Green Garden, Gazebo Garden, White Garden, Rose Garden, and Organic Kitchen Garden mingle with lawn areas, secluded pathways, ancient pine trees, and outdoor dining areas to make a garden paradise.

Our gardens are constantly being updated and expanded, and offer something for everyone. Sit at the top of one of the forested hills and paint a picture of the surrounding hills framed by a series of pine trees. Rest on a secluded bench protected from the midsummer sun by a formal hedge, or sit by one of the many fountains located throughout the property. Take a stroll past our Organic Kitchen Garden along a native plant pathway to Cambria Nursery and Florist, where many of the plants from our garden are available for purchase.

Photography of the grounds and gardens is encouraged, so if you are looking for ideas for your garden, please stop by Cambria Pines Lodge and be inspired.