Limerock Orchards

For decades our family has grown walnuts in the heart of Paso Robles wine country with an eye for quality, responsibility and taste. As small growers, we sold our walnuts to a wholesale broker where year after year they were shuffled in with nuts from farms that did not share our passion for exceptional quality. We thought it was a shame that it would take a stroke of luck for shoppers to find our sweet, buttery walnuts among the bitter, bland walnuts that have become the supermarket norm.

In 2009, in what was either a stroke of madness or genius, we decided to go "out on a limb" and found our own walnut company. Limerock Orchards – a place for the kind of walnuts that we wished the whole world could taste.

Since then, the world of specialty food has proven to be a bit larger of a project than we ever imagined. It has been an uphill climb full of learning experiences, but we are proud of our flagship walnut oil and have been encouraged by the support of our fantastic customers. With their input, we are now experimenting with products like creamy walnut butter and flavorful rosemary walnut pesto.

Open Daily 11am to 5pm