Liquid Gravity Brewing

Locals love the beer at Liquid Gravity Brewing —which is really saying something considering how many brews they have to choose from. Brewer Brendan Gough worked for fellow hop heads at Central Coast Brewing and Firestone-Walker Brewing before opening Liquid Gravity. The term “liquid gravity” refers to the density of a beer relative to that of water, measured by the sugars available before fermentation. In plain English? It describes how big a beer is. And it’s the perfect name for this brewery, where 11 of the 17 beers made are above 7% alcohol by volume. These are very, very big beers, with IPAs, hazies, Double IPAs and even Triple IPAs comprising most of the lineup. Most IPAs and hazies are West Coast-style, with lots of personality and flavor.

One of Liquid Gravity’s most popular brews is the Orange Cream Machine, a hazy orange creamsicle Double IPA. The list includes lots of other beers like a Munich dark lager, Mexican Lager, white ale, pilsner, porter and kettle sour. A large outdoor patio and picnic table seating invite beer lovers, kids, and even pups to relax and soak up the vibe. To stand up to their strong beers, Liquid Gravity invites a different food truck caterer to provide bites every day they’re open. These include tacos, fried chicken sandwiches, Chinese noodles, and hot dogs. Purveyors include La Parrilla Taqueria, Grinning Bear Provisions, Corazon 805, Mee Heng low and Zen Dog.

Liquid Gravity also books musical guests every Saturday afternoon. And on the first Friday of every month, favorite local band BrassMash performs on the outdoor stage. This all-brass band performs mashups of popular songs including tunes from Snoop Dogg to Blondie and many points in between. The party atmosphere is contagious: you can’t help but dance! Bring your crew, your family, or just yourself to enjoy the brews, music and tunes at this off-the-beaten-path brewhouse.