Luffa Farm

Quick-think of a farm. Snapshots of tractors and green fields probably come to mind, perhaps with a few chickens, pigs and cows thrown in. Then there’s The Luffa Farm. Nestled on the hidden mesa in Nipomo, this unique ranch grows and sells the beige sponges-also spelled loofah or luffah, that so many of us use every day to refresh and exfoliate our skin. Perhaps the biggest myth buster found here is this: luffas aren’t from the ocean, but instead, are grown in greenhouses and harvested from gourds on heirloom vines. Visitors will also discover how luxuriously soft luffas can be, because unlike others grown outside of the United States, the ones at Luffa Farm are neither chemically treated nor vacuum packed.

Open Wednesday through Sunday all year round, visitors can tour the farm for free, and buy some luffa or other herbal bath products. Group tours for a fee are also offered, some of which include a catered lunch, or tea and cookies.