Margarita Adventures

Margarita Adventures offers a zipline tour that’s broken into 4 stages:
The Renegade – departing from a looming hillcrest, you will soar 1300 feet across a grassy valley and into an awaiting oak forest along a rugged flank of the Santa Lucia Mountains
The Woodlander – next you will travel 800 feet over the canopies of blue and white oak trees before touching down on a steeply pitched mountainside
The Hilltopper – for the next 500 feet you emerge from the oaks and digger pinesand glide down onto a bare hill, where you can take a breather before your final descent
The Archway – finally, you will descend 800 feet back into the forest and under a natural archway of companion oaks before emerging into a wide-open panorama of vineyards and mountains
For the less adventurous in your group, a tour of the historic Santa Margarita Ranch, without the ziplining, is also available.