Nipomo Native Garden

The Nipomo Native Garden is a twelve acre site located between Pomeroy, Camino Caballo and Osage in the community of Nipomo. The site is in the final stages of being restored to a native botanical garden which will feature native plant communities endemic to the Nipomo Mesa and dunes complex.

Individuals and groups of stewardship travelers can volunteer their time and labor during any of our regularly scheduled workdays, typically the 1st Saturday of each month, 9 am to noon at the Garden. Activities can also be flexibly scheduled to meet your availability. In addition to participation during scheduled workdays, groups or individuals may participate in more focused efforts.  Individuals or organizations who would like to participate in development and maintenance activities within the Nipomo Native Garden can contact our volunteer coordinator by e-mail at gro.nedragevitanomopinobfsctd@etapicitrap or go to the Native’s Garden Volunteer Page.

Nipomo Native Garden is a local, community-based federal and state non-profit organization composed of volunteers and members who support this restoration effort. To volunteer or donate click here.