Olea Farm

Until recently, Europe has always been the sole purveyor of olive oil. But, thanks in part to its similarity in climate and geography the Central Coast is now becoming a leader in olive oil production.

Visiting Olea Farm is the perfect introduction to the unique Arbequina olive. This small Spanish olive loves the warm California sun and produces one of the finest oils on the market. Its taste and essence are intense and powerful yet it is delicate enough to be used in any recipe without over powering the other ingredients. The flavor of the Arbequina is like putting spring into a bottle, which is why so many chefs from the area insist on using it to highlight their Central Coast cuisine.

If you want to know more about olive oil and experience old world charm plan a visit to Olea Farm, where you will be educated in the nuances of the finest olive oil the Central Coast has to offer. Contact Olea Farm for a tour, or visit the tasting room.