Ritual Skin & Body Care

A longtime favorite spa with the locals, Ritual Skin & Body Care is located in the heart of the Village of Arroyo Grande. This is a soothing spot with plenty to offer for the person seeking renewal, peace and self-care. Owner Linda Ruberto focuses much of her business on craniosacral bodywork, a method that brings mobility, lightness, and ease to the body. While traditional Swedish massage focuses on softening muscles, craniosacral modalities softens the connective tissue that holds organs, muscles, and bone in place. Practitioners believe that gentle craniosacral therapy boosts the body’s natural self-healing abilities, which may treat chronic pain, migraines, and even multiple sclerosis. This is the foundation of Ritual Skin & Body Care’s menu; in fact, most treatments at the spa include some form of craniosacral therapy.

Mothers-to-be can benefit from the healing touch at Ritual, too, with prenatal massage using The Body Pillow. All massages run 60 minutes with the option to add on services like the 20-minute express facial or back facial. This combination works the same in the opposite direction, as well: all full-service facials include the option to add an express craniosacral massage. Facials come in an array of styles, like the 90-minute customizable Serenity Facial and 60-minute Maintenance Facial for tune-ups. The Corrective Facial targets clients’ areas of greatest concern, and the Chemical Peel Treatment sloughs away hyperpigmented and/or damaged skin.

The salon also offers body and facial waxing, with the option to add on a face mask, lash/brow tint, or craniosacral massage. For several treatments, the spa offers discounts when clients “make it a ritual” and book twice in one month. These include facials, prenatal massage, craniosacral therapy, brow waxing, Brazilian and full-leg waxing. However you decide to set up your ritual, Ritual Skin & Body Care is a serene place to incorporate into your self-care journey.