San Luis Obispo Children's Museum

You will have an opportunity to explore a series of volcanic caves inspired by the Seven Sisters of San Luis Obispo and investigate a variety of hands-on experiences in the arts and sciences.

Become a paleontologist at a Saber Tooth Cat Dig Site and uncover bones that can be reassembled into the skeleton of a big cat.  Become a geologist as you walk into a volcanic lava tube to explore an illuminated wall chock full of Earth crystals and check out the Magic Portal, a cool communication device.  At the Claymation Volcano, become a filmmaker and create your own 10-second long movie of an erupting volcano using clay.

There’s a whole lot of shakin’ going on at the Shake Table where you can hone your engineering skills by building and testing structures against the forces of an earthquake.  “Get physical” at the Playmotion Video Wall by moving your body to interact with a variety of changing backgrounds, including outer space, a soccer field, a pool of water, et. al.  Become a composer at the Earth Organ, an otherworldly twelve note pipe organ, and create your own music.

The Giant Bubble, back by popular demand, lets you surround your entire body with a giant soap bubble.  Learn the power of attraction as you build magnetic sculptures with nuts and washers at the Magnet Table.   Completing the floor, the Museum’s Art & Science Workshop space will provide programs that take hands-on investigation of the sciences and art creation to a deeper level.

The San Luis Obispo Children’s Museum is the place to be for new exhibits, new programs and cool air conditioned comfort.  We are also extending our hours for your convenience to be open seven days a week. So whether you live in San Luis Obispo County, have grandchildren visiting or are spending your vacation on the beautiful Central Coast, we hope you’ll check out all the fun we have in store for you and your family, because at the San Luis Obispo Children’s Museum, it’s all about you.