Sans Liege

When choosing vineyards to source fruit from, I favor character over notoriety. Each of the sites have a distinctive appeal that separates them from the rest, and very often my sources are locations passed over by other winemakers. In taking up my own journey, I've learned to not discount any field for its quirks and eccentricites, however, for in diversity lies the promise of an uncommon opportunity. This is the heart of Sans Liege.

The Central Coast is home to a wide variety of climates, soils and topographies, so I keep my boundaries wide open. Though these appellations are highly regarded for their production of Rhone varietals, I've found that fruit from my vineyard blocks speak foremost of their individual provenance, a very real story of place, rather than as textbook examples of Mediterranean France. These fields provide the raw fuel for my creative work and I attempt to channel them into exemplary wines, made complete by the union of their disparate strengths.