Shamel Park

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Not many American cities have parks with beautiful ocean views. Once you visit the breathtaking grounds of Shamel Park, you’ll never look at a country park the same way again.

Many couples start their journey to lifelong happiness together in intimate weddings featuring the park’s gazebo and reception area. Oftentimes you can find little ones romping and playing on the playground, while families picnic under the pine trees.

On Windsor Boulevard North, Park Hill in Cambria is a six-acre San Luis Obispo County Park with a playing field, swimming pool (open seasonally), barbecues, picnic tables and a children’s play area. Click here for a map.

Looking to escape the tourist crowd for an afternoon? Visit this local park to kick back and relax, Cambria-style.


Shamel Park
Windsor Blvd.
Cambria, CA 93428



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