SLO Stills Tasting Room

The combined vision of a California surfer and an Aussie expat, SLO Stills is founded on a shared passion for handcrafted spirits. SLO Stills distilled its first whiskey in 2012, more than 20 years after the team successfully launched the award-winning SLO Brew. What makes SLO Stills different? Among other things, it’s that each of the handcrafted spirits are cut with purified Pacific ocean water to capture a sense of place and recognize that which connects California to Australia.

You can taste SLO Stills locally wherever you see the Rod & Hammer label. For a top notch experience, head to the Edna Valley and opt for whiskey over wine. The tasting room is located at 855 Aerovista Place and includes offerings such as cask bourbon, rye whiskey and bourbon whiskey. You can taste the spirits neat, or mixed into a specialty cocktail and served with salad, wood fired pizza or nibbles.