Tiber Canyon Ranch

Tiber Canyon Ranch is situated on 50 acres of oak and manzanita woodland nestled in the hills between the Pacific Ocean and the Edna Valley wine growing region of San Luis Obispo County. According to local legend, about 10 acres of the ranch were cleared during WWI and apricots were planted. When Will Carlton and Chris Anderson came to the ranch, only five of the ancient, gnarled trees were still hanging on. Now, where their companions once stood, 10 different varietals of Northern Italian olive trees grow.

About 30 acres of the ranch remains untouched as a woodland wildlife preserve. This diverse habitat is home to deer, foxes, bob cats, coyotes, raccoons, the occasional cougar, myriad birds and many more. The flora includes coast live oak, Edna manzanita, toyon, hummingbird sage and mountain mahogany, to name just a few.

Visit the ranch and taste its olive oil. Tiber Canyon Ranch is open by appointment, and a call the day before would be appreciated.