Washburn Campground Trails

A 3.3 mile trail runs through parts of the San Simeon Natural Preserve and the Washburn Campground. The trail includes scenic overlooks, rest-stop benches and interpretive panels with information on wildlife and habitat. A portion of the trail along the seasonal wetland is wheelchair accessible.  The boardwalk is a good start, but an excellent trail begins at its end and continues south across the wetland and up into the pine trees. There is a side trail to an overlook above San Simeon Creek and the Park. The main trail then cuts north along the shady side of a bluff, crossing a creek or boggy area on another walk, then up a long hill to the upper State Park camping area. From here one can either cut left along the east side of the campsites and down along the road to the starting point, or to extend the walk continue through the narrow stile to a larger loop east, north and down to a eucalyptus grove, then back to the starting point.  Moderate hike.  Approximately 3 miles.