Deetjens Restaurant

The restaurant at Deetjens has a long and colorful history. Kent Seavey, the Chairman of Deetjens Inc., the Inns’ leaseholder, describes its beginnings well in his booklet ‘Deetjens.’ “As their work progressed on their Castro Canyon property travelers began taking advantage of Deetjen and Helen’s hospitality for food and overnight lodging. Except for Steve Jaeger’s Loma Vista Inn, a gas station and lunchroom built in 1936 on the hillside below the Post Ranch about 2 miles north, theirs was the first light in many miles south of Pfeiffer State Park. At first the boarding and feeding of guests was handled as a very casual business arrangement. Eventually, as increasing numbers of visitors arrived, the couple began to build the place up.

Our Chef, Domingo Santamaria, continues to uphold our traditional standard of quality by offering excellent cuisine artfully presented.