Dorn's Original Breakers Cafe

In 1942 Breakers Cafe opened at its present location overlooking beautiful Morro Bay. Six years later Harry Amsel, visiting from New York, fell in love with this little town and restaurant. He purchased Breakers Cafe and built a reputation for excellent service and food, specializing in fresh, local seafood. In 1966 a young Cal Poly student and host at Breakers Cafe, Dan Dorn, met and fell in love with Harry’s daughter, Nancy. Dan and Nancy eventually married and purchased Breakers Cafe. Dorn’s Breaker Cafe carried on the warm family service and excellent food that patrons had come to expect. In 1998 Dan and Nancy passed these responsibilities on to the third generation as their son, Chris Dorn, took over as manager of the restaurant. Chris continues to provide the tradition of wonderful cuisine and friendly service. Our family welcomes you and looks forward to providing fresh food, fine dining and excellent service now and for many generations to come!