Fin's Seafood

Fin’s Seafood Restaurant has been family owned and operated for the past seventeen years. Owner Bruce Van Vort has managed several big corporations prior to taking on the restaurant. He is passionate about his business, with a primary goal to provide quality food and an enjoyable customer experience. Fin’s has the best views of the ocean along with a spacious outside patio and bar area.
Quality and customer service are our highest priorities. Quality example: we carry the finest fish and chips, we use Dutch Harbor Alaskan Cod. If you have not tried our Fish and Chips yet then what are you waiting for!? Not a fish eater you say? Well don’t worry, even tho we are known best for our high quality fish and our homemade, yes I said HOMEMADE Clam Chowder we also have items for the burger lovers, chicken eaters and Mexican food cravers; not to mention our variety of delicious salads such as the Shrimp and Crab Louie (100% real crab meat if you are wondering.)