High Street Deli

High Street Market and Deli has repeatedly shown that if you work hard, find your passion, and do not cut corners, success is inevitable. Good food speaks for itself and when it is accompanied by a great atmosphere and friendly people it speaks even louder. When you visit High Street Market and Deli, I hope you are able to taste the homemade, the hard work and the happiness that my employees and I try to incorporate into each sandwich. I hope each sandwich creates a new memory that you take with you long after leaving High Street Market and Deli.

Driving down High Street it’s a bit odd to come upon a vintage relic of a building in a funky little neighborhood. For almost 100 years High Street Market and Deli has been serving the city of San Luis Obispo. Built in 1927, High Street Market and Deli carried everything from milk, butter, chewing tobacco and fishing gear. The area was known as the railroad district and housed many of the workers and their families. When High Street was still a dirt road, those workers would stop in to get a pint of milk, cigarettes and a deli sandwich on the way to and from the railroad station.

A second location was opened in the Baywood Park area of Los Osos in 2021 to serve the customers along the coast.