Linn's Easy as Pie Cafe

There’s always room for pie! Savor a slice of Cambria’s fresh-baked finest at Linn’s Easy As Pie Cafe (around here, the olallieberry pie is legendary). Famished? Grab a meal that really sticks to your gills, like meatloaf, mac and cheese or a heaping plate of chicken pot pie, just like momma used to make. The cafe also serves up soups, salads and sandwiches. Meals can be enjoyed on the comfortable patio.

Linn’s is the house that olallieberries built. What started as a simple farmstand, Linn’s Fruit Bin, in the 1970s grew into so much more. The humble olallieberry, a cross between loganberries and youngberries, was the inspiration for it all.

Looking for something heartier? Check out Linn’s Restaurant on Main Street, offering a full menu of farm-to-table items plus local wines and beer. Don’t worry, you can have the pie there too!