Linnaea's Cafe

It all began back in 1984 when Linnaea Phillips had the desire to create a gathering place for conversation, music, social events and of course the sharing of food and drink. With the help of many friends, her vision of a classic coffee house became a reality. Twenty three years later, Linnaea sold the café to her long time manager, Marianne Orme who was, and still is, dedicated to keeping Linnaea’s the eclectic and welcoming center of San Luis Obispo’s coffee house culture.

Linnaea’s is a showcase for local artists and host to a variety of musical performances, poetry readings, jazz jams, and other events. But really, one of the most wonderful and satisfying things about Linnaea’s is that we have become a second home to numerous students and members of the community over the years. We hear it again and again. Walking into Linnaea’s is like coming home. With such a unique and warm environment, free WiFi, plenty of good food, good coffee, clean bathrooms and free entertainment, why go anywhere else?