Sylvester's Burgers ~ Atascadero

Find out why Sylvester’s Burgers is famous for its “Big, Hot ‘n Juicy” burgers.  Sylvester’s Burgers has been a Central Coast favorite for over 20 years now with two locations – our new one in Atascadero and the original in Los Osos, CA.

At Sylvester’s, you will be served the best quality, guaranteed.  We use 100% unfrozen USDA grade beef for our award-winning burgers that are topped with Sylvester’s Sauce, an undeniably delicious blend of sauces and seasonings.  We use the freshest produce not only for our burgers, but also for our healthier options, including the Cajun Chicken Salad or for our vegetarian customers, the Garden Burger.