San Simeon Cove, Point and Pier

One of the most ethereally beautiful spots on the planet, San Simeon Point can be seen from Highway One as the extended tip of a crescent that begins along a white sand beach called San Simeon Cove. The trail leading out to the point is a magical walk along a wooded path on the bluffs above the beach. Lacy moss dangles from the eucalyptus, pines, cedars, and cypress that flank the trail. At the end of the half mile peninsula, a backward look toward the sparkling cove gives breathtaking views of rock formations carved by the sea. Located on the private property of the Hearst Ranch, the trail is frequently used, but there are no public easements to the point. Hikers can find the trail by climbing the bluff at the north end of the cove.

The Point forms one side of San Simeon Cove, providing some wind protection, and includes a small, 850 foot long pier (temporarily closed for repairs), and is part of the larger W.R. Hearst Beach. This section is a popular spot for picnics and has barbecue pits available. Exploring the beach will lead you to a small creek flowing into the ocean.