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Paddle Back In Time to Historic Lighthouse

What: Kayak/SUP Rental to lighthouse tour
When: Daily
Where: Avila Beach
Reservation Needed: Yes, call Avila Beach Paddlesports at 805.704.6902.

Paddle back in time to the 125-year-old fully restored and quite beautiful Point San Luis Lighthouse in Avila Beach, California. Bring your adventurous spirit and interest in California mariner history – it is an easy paddle so beginners are welcome.

The leisurely experience will start at Avila Beach Paddlesports where the friendly staff will give you directions on how to paddle to the Port San Luis Lighthouse. Once you arrive to the Lighthouse climb the stairs to experience scenic coastal views and the beautifully refurbished lighthouse.

While you can’t tour the Port San Luis Lighthouse (due to COVID restrictions) you can take a virtual tour of the Lighthouse. Tours are scheduled for every Wednesdays at 2PM. For more info visit:  While on the virtual historic Lighthouse tour you’ll experience what life was really like for a Lighthouse Keeper and his family during the turn of the Century when electricity and indoor plumbing was not available.

There are more to lighthouses than meets the eye. Enjoy learning the immense life-saving value of lighthouses and how they served thousands of mariners along the rugged California coast. Lighthouses helped ships identify their location, warned ships of potential hazards, and let them know that land was near. Every lighthouse emitted a distinctive series of flashes known as its “characteristic.” These flash sequences allowed ship captains to identify specific lighthouses and their locations.

Have fun being a stewardship traveler for good!