Mozzi's Saloon

Named the Best Dive Bar in California by Trip Savvy, Mozzi’s Saloon has been Cambria’s hot spot for wild nights since 1866. This is one of California’s early cowboy bars, originally visited by rancheros and ropers who lived and traveled along the coast. After a destructive fire threatened the bar, a man fresh from gold country purchased the property and added gambling tables. Eventually, the iconic East Village two-story building included a hotel upstairs, a card room, barbershop, and a pool hall. The name “Mozzi’s” comes from the Camozzi family, whose members owned and operated the saloon for 43 years. These years included the Prohibition from 1920 and 1934, in which the sale of alcohol was illegal.

The business has changed hands over the years, but the heart of Mozzi’s remains: stiff drinks, wild times and an independent spirit. Ask your bartender for stories of horsemen and Harleys coming through the front door, under the stained glass. And check out historic photos along the walls, plus those scandalous (and memorable) pinup paintings. A wagon wheel and several miners’ lanterns make for a rustic chandelier. And signs and memorabilia from Cambria’s long history hang on the walls and ceiling. The offerings here include a classic selection of beers on draft, plus a few local favorites, as well as a few wines and a full bar. Locals show up all days of the week, but especially for regular live music on weekends and karaoke during the week. The bar also offers two pool tables and TVs for watching the game. There is a small smoking patio out back. Watch for nights when Mozzi’s offers tacos, and enjoy the fresh-popped popcorn anytime you like, as it’s always available. This is a place to kick up your boots, have a couple drinks, play a round of pool, hear a new band and meet new friends.