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Seaweed Foraging Tours

Seaweed foraging is an agritourism activity that’s fun for the whole family. These private tours give visitors the opportunity to learn more about the nutrient dense plants living in our coastal waters. Kids and adults alike will enjoy seeing the marine life that makes up the ecosystem. Finish your tour with a taste test of your bounty and learn how each variety has its own flavor characteristics. Tours fill up quickly, especially in the summer, so plan ahead.

At Marley Family Seaweeds, Spencer and team offer private foraging tours along the Central Coast. They were profiled in Lonely Planet’s “Top 6 Places to Go Foraging in the US”. This is an intimate and educational experience that is always family friendly. Seaweed Ramen is a treat served at the end of the tour. You can book seaweed tours with Marley Family here

Kelpful takes guests on seaweed forging tour in Cayucos.  You’ll explore the beautiful intertidal zone and learn how to identify and sustainably harvest some of their favorite seaweed. If you’re lucky, you may even find some very unique species that have flavor profiles similar to truffles and shallots. Finish off your visit by tasting some of the harvest together. You can book tours with Kelpful here.

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One of the most interesting ways to enjoy the Highway 1 coastline and learn about its natural history is through a seaweed foraging tour. Take a walk to the shoreline with a local guide to learn how to identify different seaweeds, hear the history of seaweed foraging in the area and its impact on the local economy, and discover the many uses of these incredible, sustainable species.

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