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Introducing the History and Heritage Trail, a collection of landmarks and significant points along Highway 1 designed to bring visitors closer to the roots of coastal San Luis Obispo County. Step back in time and step up to help preserve the places, cultures, and stories of this rich, varied region.

Use this map to visit preserved locations where it’s easy to imagine yourself back in time; as a brave and dedicated lighthouse keeper living on a rocky point, as a Native Californian fishing with generations of inherited knowledge, as a visionary clipper ship captain looking out to sea on the pier you built. Imagine waiting for the train in a rustic depot, or catching the stagecoach to your castle on an “enchanted hill” overlooking thousands of acres. Walk through a timeless cemetery surrounded by the largest Monterey Pine stand in California. And finally…make sure you don’t get yourself thrown in the old Hoosegow!

Travel Tips & Using the Map

Each site on the map is approximately 100 years or older. Click on the "Learn More" link on each to discover details, stories, and additional locations to explore.

Most sites are open for visitors during specific hours, but many destinations are “hidden in plain sight” and can be viewed and visited day or night (e.g. historic piers, cemeteries, etc).

Most sites you’ll visit have ways for you to “feel good and do good.” As a Stewardship Traveler, you can contribute time, efforts, or funds to help preserve and protect the special spots you experience here on the History & Heritage Trail.

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