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See the sights and highlights along the Highway 1 Discovery Route! Featuring 101 miles of adventure, the route stretches from the scenic coastline in Ragged Point south through the agricultural communities of Oceano and Nipomo. More Details
On those rare days when it's gray and gloomy anywhere else, count on the clouds to part and the sun to shine down on glorious Avila Beach More Details
A trekker’s paradise, Avila Beach boasts a wide variety of hikes and trails, from challenging to casual. More Details
Whether you prefer lagers, wild ales, IPAs or porters, our stretch of Highway 1 has beer for every kind of palate. This is home to pioneering brewers who have helped usher the craft beer movement to the nation and the world. They also inspired younger brewers to start their own labels, putting their own unique […] More Details
Visitors can find a spectrum of options, with ideal beaches for sunbathing, beachcombing, wildlife viewing, surfing, tidepooling, doggie fun or even dune-driving. More Details
Fun in the sun? Absolutely. When it comes to having a good time, Avila Beach parks offer the best possible conditions. The average temperature in this quaint beachfront town ranges between a comfortable 64 degrees F and 72 degrees F. The white sands of the beach are always close by, with attractions like surfing, swimming, […] More Details
California’s Central Coast provides a fun and safe playground for both dogs and their humans. Stay in dog-friendly lodging, dine in dog-friendly restaurants, and frolic on dog-friendly beaches, hikes and parks. More Details
For easy-breezy family fun, nothing beats a hike. Lace up your walking shoes, grab a hat and a water bottle, and head out any of coastal San Luis Obispo County’s hundreds of hiking trails. More Details
A small town relic, the Harford Pier is a historic monument to the bygone eras of sea commerce  More Details
Take in all the piers and lighthouses of coastal San Luis Obispo County, or choose just one or two to explore. Either way, you’ll witness the impact of how this region’s coastal position shaped its history. More Details
Mallagh's Landing in Avila Beach is commonly referred to as Pirate's Cove, but the Mallagh Landing name is more accurate given the history of the land. More Details
This is the first beach you will find after crossing the bridge out of Avila and into Port San Luis. More Details
Ontario Ridge Trail is a rugged, sometimes-steep track crossing a 700-foot hill above the Shell Beach bluff, with spectacular ocean views. More Details
Find thousands of acres of protected open space, both on land and at sea. These estuaries, preserves, and sanctuaries are home to abundant wildlife. More Details
If you want the inside scoop on the best places to stop while driving the Pacific Coast Highway, you’ll need inspiration from a knowledgeable guide. Take your road trip on Highway 1 now. More Details
With the need for social distancing, there’s never been a better time to dream about your next party-of-one trip. More Details
In a land of natural splendor, it’s no surprise that the public has access to breathtaking, fun, and fascinating parks. On this special stretch of Highway 1, the wild and the wonderful conspire to bring kids and their grownups closer to nature — and to each other. Here, you can hold moonstones in your hand, […] More Details
Whether you’re new to Highway 1 or you’ve been traveling this magnificent byway for years, there’s always something new to see. The vast ocean, uncrowded beaches, clean air, boutique shopping, fresh dining, wine country, and history offer more than one trip can contain. But if you could only visit once, where would you go? What […] More Details