Avila Beach Murals

Central Coast Aquarium

Avila Beach Ocean Stewardship, Past and Present Murals

In October of 2019, the Avila Beach Community Foundation and the Central Coast Aquarium unveiled the public art murals, Avila Beach Ocean Stewardship, Past and Present by fine artist and muralist Colleen Gnos. This is the second work of art commissioned for permanent public placement by the Foundation in response to community interest in the arts, and to further enhance the beauty and character of Downtown Avila Beach. The two murals, installed on both sides of the Aquarium’s Discovery Park entryway, provide a welcoming focal point and, as Colleen Gnos said, ”…explore our identity as ocean stewardship has shifted over the last 100 years; illustrating our relationship with the underwater environment in Avila Beach from past to present”.  

Avila Beach lifeguard tower mural

Lifeguard Towers

In 2015, the Avila Beach Community Foundation launched an RFP for a Public Art Project in Downtown Avila Beach. The winner, local artist Colleen Gnos, painted a series of murals reflecting Avila’s past and present that were installed on two Avila Beach Lifeguard Towers and unveiled to the public in February 2016. The towers, located on the beach near the Promenade, have become a popular “must-see” for both residents and visitors.

Other Murals Along Highway 1

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Cayucos mural and cyclists