Cambria Murals

Community Mural Project

The Community Mural Project in Cambria created the first of its kind in this seaside town. The Cambria Center for the Arts initiated this project in an effort to further beautify the town. You can see the work of artist Tigg Morales at 555 Main Street, home of Cutruzzola Vineyards, in downtown Cambria.

Slabtown Mercantile

In the late 1800’s Cambria was known as Slab Town and the owners of Slabtown Mercantile paid homage to that history when they opened in 2019. They’ve also embraced the town’s artistic side with a wildflower mural on the side of their store. The colorful artwork depicts wildflowers that can be found locally and includes both their common and latin names. 

Other Murals Along Highway 1

Art lovers can explore additional murals along the Highway 1 Discovery Route by exploring the Avila Beach Murals, Cayucos Mural Tour or the  Oceano Cultural Mural

Cayucos mural and cyclists