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  • Groove on with the perfect Highway 1 Summer Road Trip Stewardship Travel Logo
    Let’s hit the road! One of America’s most scenic byways, this iconic stretch of highway was designed for top tier summer fun.
  • What to do along Highway 1 for Earth Day Stewardship Travel Logo
    This Earth Day, why not celebrate this natural wonder with an eco-conscious road trip along the coast?
  • Ten Amazing Wildlife Experiences to include on your next Highway 1 Road Trip Stewardship Travel Logo
    There’s no doubt about it—Highway 1 is wild. With Elephant Seals sunbathing, Monarch Butterflies fluttering and seabirds soaring, there’s countless wildlife experiences unfolding along Highway 1’s 100 miles of Pacific coastline.
  • Smithsonian Magazine Recognizes Elephant Seal Efforts Stewardship Travel Logo
    From Sarah Kuta at Smithsonian Magazine Volunteers with Friends of the Elephant Seal educate tourists to prevent conflicts, inspire awe and keep the marine mammals safe I hear them long before I see them.As I clamber out of my car…
  • 5 Highway 1 Road Trip Beach Cleanups Stewardship Travel Logo
    It feels good to do good! Soak up the sun while diving into Stewardship Traveler for Good activities along awe-inspiring Central Coast beaches this September.
  • Family Friendly Fun Along Highway 1 Stewardship Travel Logo
    Family fun abounds on Highway 1! When the whole gang’s ready for adventure, head for our special slice of California coastline. Here, kids of all ages are encouraged to explore, play and learn—all backdropped by pristine beaches, historic lighthouses and awesome eats. Whether you pack the station wagon,…
  • Condé Nast Traveler Forages for Seaweed Stewardship Travel Logo
    Through the experience, I learned so much about the science and history of seaweed as well as the importance of harvesting sustainably. There was also plenty of leftover seaweed from our foraging experience, and I was able to take home a bag of my own.
  • How to Travel for Good on your Highway 1 Road Trip Stewardship Travel Logo
    When you Travel for Good on your Highway 1 Road Trip, you’ll do more than discover scenic views and exciting wildlife experiences. Thanks to the following itineraries, you can leave our special slice of California coastline even better than you found it! View Elephant Seals…
  • Fodor’s 12 Best Wildlife Beaches includes San Simeon Favorite Stewardship Travel Logo
    Long before the days of surfing and sunbathing, the earth’s beaches spent millennia playing host to a spectacular array of flora and fauna.
  • Special ‘Travel for Good’ Weekend Itinerary Stewardship Travel Logo
    Use the Coastal Discovery Trail to discover and help protect the best beaches, wildlife viewing, and hikes for solo, family and pet-friendly experiences along the Highway 1 Discovery Route.Your…
  • Highway 1’s Hidden Secrets: Surprising Highway 1 Wildlife Viewing Tips Stewardship Travel Logo
    Take a walk on the wild side! Discover Highway 1’s most surprising wildlife viewing tips this winter, the perfect time to catch awe-inspiring animals and sea life in action.
  • A Favorite Among Top Journalists: Highway 1 Stewardship Travel Logo
    Top travel journalists from across the country have been writing about the wonders of the Highway 1 Discovery Route. Some are in awe of our gorgeous beaches. Others are fascinated by our beautiful wine country. Many are stunned by the diverse things to do here. All have an appreciation for…
  • Choose Your Highway 1’s Hidden Secrets Adventure Style Stewardship Travel Logo
    Cliff-climbers, ocean paddlers and eager explorers of all ages: If top secret thrills, chills and action are what you seek, look no further. We’re unveiling Highway 1’s most enticing hidden romps along the sea, sand and sky!
  • The Best Place to Watch Monarch Butterflies Stewardship Travel Logo
    From David Kindy at Smithsonian MagazineThe Best Place to Watch Monarch Butterflies Migrate Might Be This Little California Beach TownThousands of western monarchs migrate to Pismo Beach each fall to escape winter cold, but climate change threatens the species’ survival.
  • Washington Post: Where the whales are Stewardship Travel Logo
    The Washington Post recently chronicled where the whales are, detailing their migratory patterns along the Pacific Coast. Each January and February these wondrous animals trek hundreds of miles along the Whale Trail. San Luis Obispo County is the proud home to 10…
  • Preserves, Sanctuaries and Secluded Pleasures along Highway 1 Stewardship Travel Logo
    Find your sanctuary (and preserve your sense of well being). If solitude and serenity is what you seek, allow SLO CAL to ease your mind as you stretch your legs. Dreamlike hills, untouched cliffs, vibrant wildlife and endless uncrowded beaches and hiking trails await travelers along pristine Highway 1. Finally:…
  • Interesting Animal Encounters in California Stewardship Travel Logo
    Interesting Animal Encounters in California Visitors come from all over the world to discover California’s inspiring landscapes and wildlife. California boasts more native species than any other state, and residents are passionate about protecting them, investing $30 million each year to conserve wildlife habitat. Discover wildlife in a variety of…
  • Coastal Discovery Celebration Continues to Grow as Key Stewardship Travel Opportunity Stewardship Travel Logo
    We all want more immersive experiences in our lives, especially when we travel. The new year should ring in less calendar obsession and bring more opportunities to lose ourselves in our surroundings. The Coastal Discovery Celebration offers just such an opportunity to unwind, expand and contribute to making our…